Odd Year Recipient Beginning 2015: EUMA (Erie United Methodist Alliance)

EUMA is…

The Refuge, a 32-bed emergency shelter that can serve up to nine homeless families with children.

Hope House, a four-unit apartment complex providing transitional shelter and programming to homeless families with children.

Project Hope Outreach, on-the-street ministry to the homeless community offering assistance, referrals, basic necessities and support.

The Rainbow Project, a thrift store providing financial support to EUMA programs and offering free clothing and household items to homeless individuals and those in need.

Liberty House, a 7-bed transitional shelter and program for homeless Veteran men.

Erie United Methodist Alliance, Inc.
1033 East 26th Street, Erie, PA 16504

814-456-8073   Fax: 814-456-4513


maeve alice miller only lived for 20 days

Her life on this earth was so brief. Yet she moved people. She inspired people to pray, to hope, to love, and hopefully to live fuller lives.

are you ready to join the run?

We encourage you to consider the way Maeve’s brief life may have moved you, or can move you, to do something more with YOUR time.

are you looking for ways to support the cause?

There are lots of ways you can make a difference! Besides the annual runs, you can also make donations to Maeve Gives, a 501(c)3 corporation.