Mini-Maeve Run

Description: This is a fun run for children 8 and under. The course is in a grassy open area and is approximately 150 yards. There is also a separate race for children ages 2 and under. As long as the child can stand on his or her own two feet and make forward progress, he or she is welcome to participate. Parents are welcome to help toddlers complete the race. No entry fee is required for Mini-Maeve Run participants.

are you ready to run in such as way as to win the prize?

maeve alice miller only lived for 20 days

Her life on this earth was so brief. Yet she moved people. She inspired people to pray, to hope, to love, and hopefully to live fuller lives.

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Join us in supporting Forgotten Voices as they support orphans in southern Africa.

are you looking for ways to support the cause?

There are lots of ways you can make a difference! Besides the annual runs, you can also make donations to Maeve Gives, a 501(c)3 corporation.